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"Prayer Works "

We've been facilitating prayer sessions since 1998. Along the way, the World-Wide Angel Wonder-Powers Team (WWAWPT) created itself. The WWAWPT comprises many hundreds of volunteer pray-ers and energy healers from many countries who utilize a wide variety of prayer, healing prayer, and energy healing beliefs, approaches, and modalities. WWAWPT members range from the highly skilled with decades of experience, to the novice with a pure heart of passion and intention. Together, WWAWPT members create an extraordinary "power" well recognized by those who are its beneficiaries.

Up until now, only Team Members have been informed when grateful people email, call, or write their thanks.

This has now changed.

Barbara Fox-Cooper, a Team Member, has suggested that we include a page on our web-site to present some of the heart-felt messages of thanks and gratitude received over many years. In this way, she suggested, ALL could read them and be inspired by their beautiful energy, their connection, their gratitude, their joy, and their hope. She especially felt this would serve people, including AWPT members, who may in a moment of difficulty in their own lives, when they are feeling down or needing a boost, benefit from the reassurance that there are those who are willing to pray for others and that prayer works.

In the following messages, "Team" refers to the World-Wide Angel Wonder Powers Team. "Basket" refers to the Basket of Blessings containing all prayer requests for a given prayer session. "Dr. Liz" refers to Dr. Elizabeth Severino, facilitator since 1998 of the World-Wide Angel Wonder Powers Team.

To submit prayers please sign up to receive the Chat'N'Pray Notifications Emails.

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June 24, 2010, Sara, a long-time WWAWPT member, emailed us on behalf of her dear Internet friend, Sandy. Sandy's dog, AR, had become frightened during a West Virginia thunderstorm, had run off a while ago, and was lost. Sara explained that Sandy was ill, having just had a lung transplant, and was unable to do much searching herself. Sara added that Sandy had also recently lost both her husband and another dog. Sara asked for the Team's help in this situation.

The request was immediately placed into the Basket of Blessings and the WWAWPT notified. Since it was known that AR was extremely scared yet also wanting to come home, emphasis was placed on having whatever needed to come forth for AR to feel safe, to come forth.

In the evening of June 28th, two days later, AR was found cuddling in the arms of a little boy. He was taken immdiately to the emergency vet, where examination revealed many hot spot type wounds, and cuts and scrapes everywhere. All the hair was off his tail from chewing it.

"The power of the list & prayers worked," Sandy said gratefully. She further says, "Thanks to everyone who prayed, talked to AR, sent healing light. I know it all worked. With the condition he's in I don't feel he would have lasted much longer...Thanks from the bottom of my heart."

Lost Dog Found!

Gunvor Schoch in Sweden, a long-time WWAWPT Member, emailed us the flyer at left regarding a dog lost in New Jersey (USA). She asked for prayer help for Rocky to be safely returned. Gunvor adds, "Amy is a very nice and efficient rescuer, who sent me this."

We sent out an email on 6/22/2010 immediately to the WWAWPT.

On 6/29/2010, Gunvor emailed the picture below left and the message: "Thank you very much for your help and please thank also the team for a good job. Rocky was rescued and I am sure that this was possible through the force of you and the team. I am so glad for this happy end." Gunvor included an email she had received from Amy, one of Rocky's rescuers. Amy's story is beautiful, full of patience and commitment, and I feel to share it here.

"{Rocky} went from being alone, scared and hungry this morning to sleeping peacefully in our living room with a fully belly and clean coat.

"We got a call at around 5PM that he was in someone's yard. He had run behind their shed. Ironically enough, Andrew and I had just left a flier in their mail box today. Chris was closest, so she arrived first, followed by myself and Bridget. Chris did an amazing job watching Rocky, talking to him and throwing food (which he wouldn't take). We sat there for 2 hours. Bridget and Chris switched places, and a few minutes later, Rocky began to creep towards me at the largest exit. He laid down, and Bridget told me to slowly approach him, so I crawled to him (through a lot of nasty stuff!) sooooo slowly. I was able to extend my arm just enough to touch his nose with one finger, and when I did, I knew we had him. I could feel the relief coming from his body. He let me touch him, and I held onto his collar and slipped a leash on. That was it--we had him!!! We were all crying like babies. We couldn't have done it without Chris' patience and Bridget's direction.

After a few minutes, Rocky ate and drank. I am taking him to the vet tomorrow. We didn't want to traumatize him any further tonight since he's in good shape, just hungry and tired. He is doing well with our pack and loving the attention. I can't believe that he is the same dog I saw a few nights ago. I truly believe that Rocky wanted to be rescued and wanted someone to reach out and touch him. Rocky wants a family to love him and give him the attention that he so deserves. I know he will find that, and until then, he will be with us...though we would love to keep him...but 4 dogs is too much already. :-(

And, finally, I want to thank you all for your prayers, support, tears and love. Rocky has no idea how lucky he is, but I know how lucky he and I both are to have all of you. We truly have an amazing rescue family, and I am humbled by the generosity and love I have felt from each of you."

Rooster Revives!

A prayer request was entered by Nancy on 6/15/2010:

"For Bruitt, a barred rock rooster in Willow, NY at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. Beloved by many, Bruitt was with us in (depleted) form as of last weekend. May his suffering be eased; if recovery is impossible, may his journey be pleasant."

On 6/26/2010 we received: "A report on dear little Bruitt, the ailing but still very much in form Barred Rock at WFAS. He seemed to be steadily declining, at least to me, right up until that prayer request. I know the sanctuary founder had him on homeopathic remedies, and the staff and volunteers here work little miracles every day. But, though they're yet unaware of my prayer request, I must share credit for his survival with you. They can't really tell how he's doing or what's happening, they just know he remains with us and is perhaps even improving (e.g., his appetite is great, but he can't stand for long unassisted). I'm attaching a photo from earlier this week."

"Sanctuary Saved from Chapter 13 ..."

On June 15, 2010, a team member, Nancy, entered an urgent prayer request on behalf of the Martina Foundation in Bethlehem CT.
"A hearing is scheduled for Thursday at which it will be determined whether the sanctuary property will be liquidated or protected via bankruptcy. We ask that the Foundation be allowed to continue its mission in its
current location and that legal encumberances be removed."

We put the request out to the World-Wide Angel Wonder Powers Team that very day.

On June 18, Nancy sent the following email:
"The founder of the Martina Foundation, the Bethlehem, CT sanctuary, had her bankruptcy hearing yesterday. The judge was threatening to convert her case from a Chapter 7 to a Chapter 13, which would have forced a liquidation. I just got word that "the farm has been saved". There are still more hoops to jump through, but this one is behind us.
Thank you and the AWP Team!"

"My Prayers Are Answered ..."

"I must tell you it's really amazing how prayers are answered when my loved ones and I are on your list :)!!! When you started praying for my sister-in-law, C., in Harrisburg, her "certain" diagnosis was cancerous ovarian cysts. You continued to pray for her over our painful, frightened weeks. And the diagnosis became cysts with a possibility of cancer. And then it became 90% probability of benign with only a 10% chance of malignancy. Surgery was still recommended. And my brother just called (it's 4 PM my time) to say that my sister-in-law's surgery went very well and that there was no sign of any cancerous growth anywhere. She might even be discharged as soon as Thursday! There's no doubt in our minds that your good intentions and prayers are powerful and healing. Thank you very much!"
--Leslie H., Pittsburgh, PA

"I witness quantifiable, specific, positive results beyond any other source for healing when I submit names and intentions."
Barbara Fox-Cooper, New Jersey

"Thank you so much for your prayers and Reiki for Big Redd.
Big Redd is so much better today!! He is almost back to his old self - wanting to go outside and screaming at me to let him out! NO WAY !!! He is grounded in this house for eternity - until he breaks more windows and screens to get out of the house!!
I know that the Basket of Blessings helped tremendously!
Thank you, Dr. Liz! I am SO GRATEFUL to everyone who helped save my Big Redd ! Please pass this on to the group!"
Jane, Louisiana

"Please share with the group: Thanks all for prayers and healing thoughts for Shelby, who recently underwent a laminectomy for a herniated disk. Parts of the disk had shattered and fragments were stuck to her spine! She came through the surgery very well and is feeling much better, and is now off pain medication. Shelby will no longer be able to do flyball and agility, but we look forward to her participating in rally-obedience and tracking. She is, after all, a border collie and wants things to do! Thanks again from Pat Hollern, Mechanicsburg, PA."

A Special Thank You!

Sally O' sends heart-felt thanks to the Angel Wonder Powers Team for the prayers we've been saying for some months now for her dear friend Julie. Julie was pregnant with twins and due in July. She was confined to full bed rest in Abington Hospital because the water for one of the twins broke very early.
Our prayer was that Julie's body would adjust and continue to nurture both babies.
The picture shown here is of the boys!

They came early, were only 3 lb. at birth, spent a month in St. Christopher's Hospital, and are on their way home right now!
Sally says, "Thanks to everyone and God bless you Liz!"
Dr. Liz says: Sally, you are MOST welcome!

A Special Thank You From Harley's Humans!

Those on you on the Emergency Prayer List will remember Harley, the foal you supported so magnificently with your Prayers and your emailed suggestions for Harley's humans. Harley still needs our prayers, however, Nancy writes:
"We have good news. The vet finally came out tonight (the vets had said to just let him go and that he wouldn't come out) and ran some tests to check Harley's immune system. In the words of the vet "I don't know how you did it, but his igG levels are extremely good." We know how it happened, don't we? Now they are finally going to be able to get a vet to see to his orthopedic problems. The vets are no longer suggesting euthanasia and, while it's still an uphill battle, they've won the first scrimage. Janet is still sleeping in the stall with him at night and making sure he eats every 2 hours, gets the pressure off his chest and gets him up to help strengthen his muscles. With casts or braces, his bones should continue to develope and will hopefully resolve very quickly. The key now is to see that his growth plates are not crushed. Thank you everyone for helping this baby. Blessings to you all. Nancy" Angel Wonder Powers Team, please continue to pray for Harley! And if you're not on the Emergency Prayer List and wish to be, please email Elizabeth!

A Special Thank You From Wisdom's Humans!

Those on you on the Emergency Prayer List will remember Wisdom, a horse we prayed for very recently. We've been informed by Anne, the prayer requestor, that Wisdom responded quickly to the prayer support and is definitely better already! Sincere thanks to everyone!
If you're not on the Emergency Prayer List and would like to be, please email Dr. Liz and let her know.

A Special Thank You From Sue!

Sue Pompetti recently emailed the following:

"I participated in the last Chat'N'Pray and requested prayer for my cat, Duke, as he was having trouble ambulating. When I got off the computer that evening, I went downstairs and found him on the sofa. He had not been able to jump up there for a few weeks! I am so grateful!!! Thank you for your prayers and support!"

Dr. Liz says: Sue, from the entire Angel Wonder-Powers Team, you are MOST welcome!

A special Thank you to the Angel Wonder Powers Team from Leslie

Leslie was able to sell her house shortly after her prayers for this were put into the Basket of Blessings ... she is very grateful to all!

A Special Thank You from Elizabeth ...

A few weeks ago we prayed for Elizabeth's daughter, Nicole, who had 6 nodules on her thyroid byopsied. It seems that potential problem is past now. HUGE "Thank you's" to the entire Angel Wonder- Powers Team from all of us here!

The following comes from Leslie

"Last healing service, I requested prayers for Kiwi's littermate, James, far away in Australia, and his owner, Kevin Heald. Seems that he's doing well! Definitely "miracle" in my book. Please thank the Angel Wonder Powers Team!"

Brigitte in Australia sends a heart-felt "Thank you" to the Angel Wonder Powers Team. She writes:

"I attach the "living proof "for the power of our prayers....this little fellow was not even implanted / expected when the Angel Wonder Powers Team started praying for him. When I look at him I feel a deep admiration for the power of the Divine who allowed him against all the odds to enter our world. A real little miracle !!! The family is very grateful and overwhelmed."

Your prayers at work ...

Last time we prayed for the husband of one of Mary Ann's co-workers, that his test results come out negative. They did. Sincere thanks to the Angel Wonder Powers Team!

Thank you also from Vicki, who writes: "Thank you for the prayers for my friend's husband who underwent bladder removal (cancer surgery). The surgeons made a new "neo" bladder from part of the colon, and they think things look very good. He came home today which was much ealier than predicted. Blessings to you!"

Thanks to the Angel Wonder Powers Team ...

Judith shares that her Mother, Vicki, for whom the Team prayed last time, is doing better, and offers a sincere "Thank You" to all!

Thanks to the Angel Wonder Powers Team ...

We have an update on Bob, for whom we have been praying regularly:

Dear Friends and Family:
A very brief and exiting update... Today, Bob was able to breathe on his own for nine hours straight! Yet unable to speak or hold a pen or marker, he is trying to communicate with his eyes and by forming silent words.

The Angel Wonder-Powers Team helps create a Miracle ...

Hannelore delightedly writes regarding Bob Goodwin:

"Today, we had a conference with Bob's rehab team. The unanimous consensus was, he is improving with lightening speed. And, are you sitting down...? Bob will be released to go home next Thursday!!!!!!!!!!
Gratitude to all who have visited, sent light, love, prayers, cards, Reiki, flowers, gifts, and positive thoughts. You have made a huge difference!"

Thanks to the Angel Wonder-Powers Team!

Doreen and Marge thank the Angel-Wonder Powers Team for their special prayers for Rory, who was rushed to the Emergency Clinic where vets thought he was experiencing serious liver disease. We sent out an Emergency Prayer Request for Rory and the Angel Wonder-Powers Team prayed for him. Marge emails: "Rory was discharged from the Animal Hospital the morning following the emergency prayers. Tests were done on his liver, etc. The vets did not come up with any conclusive diagnosis or cause for his imbalance issues. Doreen took him in this morning for his follow-up visit. She was told that 're-test' results showed that his liver is normal. About the only thing that the tests showed is that he has 'sludge' in his gallbladder. Doreen asked me to let you know this. She also said that she believed "the prayers" helped him. She says "Thank You" from both of them."

More thanks to the Team!

Mary Ann emails her thanks to the Angel Wonder- Powers Team for helping her find a job! She writes: "Just wanted to inform you that another contract position came up at Comcast and I was asked to fill the position. From what I am hearing, if everything works out well, there is a good chance of the position going permanent. : ) So I wanted to thank you and everyone for your prayers and continuing prayers that I finally settle down with a permanent full-time position with Comcast." Prayers are on their way, Mary Ann!

A Special "Thank you" to the Angel Wonder-Powers Team!

Vicki C. emailed us asking for help praying for a friend, Jason Oman. We've received an email about Jason from her friend Matt, who writes: "Thanks for emailing me all the kind words and prayers about my friend, Jason Oman. I know all the prayers will be very powerful in his speedy recovery... Thank you, you guys are amazing! Here is a update - "Jason is good (as good as can be expected). I went and saw him today he is conscious but not really "awake." - the procedure is done and everything went as well as can be expected. now it's a waiting game - he'll be in the th ICU for at least another week or so - the next 7-10 days are very important..."

A "Thank You" From one of the Team Members ...

The Angel Wonder Powers Team has been praying for Mary Ann, one of our Team members, who was involved in a particularly stressful and complicated financial situation, that this situation be resolved for her. Mary Ann writes today:

"Due to the miraculous prayers of the Angel Wonders Power Team, I want to thank you and everyone with all of my being for praying for me and asking for my prayers to be answered. The unemployment check has been deposited into my checking account and there will be no hearing. I am now able to pay my utility bills and my mortgage payment without fearing of losing all. Thank you everyone again!"

A Heart-Felt "Thank You" to the Angel Wonder-Powers Team!

Cris Perfetto wishes to thank the Angel Wonder-Powers Team! She writes:

"Thank you for including my sick cat "Lacey" in your Chat & pray session. She did start recovering a day or so after & has been doing well. She is now eating & seems to be back to herself. We were quite worried as the Vet thought it was her pancreas, but those test came back OK. Again, thank you very much!"

A Special "Thank You" to the Angel Wonder-Powers Team!

Mary Ann wishes to thank the entire Angel Wonder Powers Team for your prayer support! She asks me to offer to everyone, the following message:
"Dear Angel Wonders Power Team:
Thank you so very much for all of your prayers during my time of uncertainty. I greatly appreciate each and every one of you for taking a moment of your day to pray for my intentions regarding employment. It is because of your prayers, I have re-gained employment in a long term assignment that will last at least until sometime in January, 2009. The pay is a decent steady income, which will help keep me off of unemployment. Having been out of work since October, 2007, your miraculous prayers have come through just in time, as I was down to my last claim week for unemployment.
Again thank you and God Bless each and every one of you!
Mary Ann"

A "Thank You" to the Angel Wonder-Powers Team ...

Lynn and Vixen write:
"Thank your for your prayers!! On Thurday evening New Mexico time, I had the gas company come to my house. They found a major gas leak coming from the stove connection which had been made when I moved into the house with Vixen one year ago. Vixen had been trying to tell me about it for the entire year and this is the reason she had never wanted to sleep indoors, though she came in and out all night. Unfortunately, the illnesses she has originate from spores in the soil. The blessing is that we now no longer have gas leaking into our house forcing her to go outside to lie in the toxic soil!! I am confident that Vixen will recover from her illnesses. There are no coincidences.. Thank you again and to others who prayed for her."

A special THANK YOU to the Angel Wonder Powers Team!

You may recall we've been praying for Thistle, the Fox Terrier. Leslie Hoy writes the following:
Hi everyone on the Angel Wonder Powers Team,
My friend Deb Hunt tells me this good news about Thistle the fox terrier, and I wanted to thank everyone for her and for me too, as well as pass this along. Please continue to keep all the Hunt family, dog and human, in the light."

On January 6th, Thistle's Mom, Deb, wrote:
Thistle's surgery went well yesterday and they think that they got good margins around the tumor- she is in a lot of pain even with pain meds and is very happy to be carried everywhere (why I changed from Labradors to small terriers). Hopefully she will be more comfortable soon and we hope for a good report from the pathologist even though we are pretty sure that the tumor was at least stage 2.
Thank you all for your kind thoughts!

A Special "Thank You" to the Team ...

Fred Meyers writes:

Please let everyone know that Sireyanna (the little girl from Wildwood who fell out the 2nd floor window) is being released from the hospital and going home on Monday. Thank everyone for their prayers and healing energies. Thank You ever so much, Fred

Thank you to the Team!!!

Nancy Fudge writes:

I would like to thank the World Wide Angel Wonder-Powers Team for the prayers for my dog, Skye Walker Blue. I have asked that she stop attacking my other dog, which I feel is fear based, and that she be healed of her brain deterioration (which my vet feels is a brain tumour or brain bleed) as well as deterioration of her sight so she can live the rest of her life with clarity of mind and clear vision. My wish for her is a peaceful life with her pack, until she drops her physical body to continue her journey in spirit. Since the prayers, she has seemed relaxed, happy and energetic, with no more attacks. I see this continuing and I wish to say thank you to everyone. Blessings, Nancy

Special "Thank You's" to the Team ...

Michele Foran emails:
"Thank you so much for your prayers for my Lil Guy. I had sent an email to you saying that he was going in for an ultrasound because of high levels of enzymes in his liver. His ultrasound went smoothly and his liver is fine and his bladder is fine. No signs of any disease. Prayers work, I always believe that."

Dr. Liz thanks:
"Thank you to everyone who sent energy to "me" for the events of this past weekend. Spirit showed up magically, powerfully, and visibly, at all four events. The Girl Scout troop on Saturday morning in NJ was transfixed and visibly inspired by the beauty of the message of animal communication, and they absolutely fell in LOVE with Mr. Smudge! Mr. Smudge LOVED his first official outing and mission with me as a "spokesdog" for adopted senior dogs. Lee Ke'aloha Wolf's "A New Name ... A New Life" ceremony in PA had several magical and visible occurences of the Presence of Spirit; and at the Blessing of the Animals on Sunday in Delaware, a dog rescued from West Virginia, wounded, who hadn't been able to walk on all four legs, after the Blessing, DID! Very sweet. Also, "my" readings on Sunday were extraordinarily clear, with exquisitely precise detail. Thank you to all, I deeply appreciate your love and support!"

Special Thanks ...

From Joyce Hernandez, who first asked us to pray for the quick apprehension of those responsible for the brutal deaths of over 30 cats in the South Miami counties of Cutler Bay and Palmetto Bay ... very shortly after the Angel Wonder Powers Team started praying, the police made an arrest, and expect to make more ...Joyce thanks the Team!

Dillinger was Found!!!

For those of you on the Emergency Prayer Request Team who prayed recently for Dillinger to be found, HE HAS BEEN FOUND!!!

Dillinger is an Atlantic County, NJ K-9 Police Dog who was terrified in a recent storm and escaped from his kennel. The entire county and our prayer Team joined forces and several days later, he was returned. He suffered a broken leg which has received care. Thank you for your help!

A Special Poem in Honor of the

World-Wide Angel Wonder-Powers Team

The World-Wide Angel Wonder-Powers Team
by: Mary Ann Malatino

The World-Wide Angel Wonder-Powers Team
Prays for everyone
Family, friends, pets and more
Everything good under the sun.

Circumstances, adversities
Return to vibrant health
Prayer requests are answered
With the blessings of a higher power's great wealth.

The team is located throughout the world
And made up of all different religious backgrounds
But when they pray for a common cause
Their voices are unified and bound.

A proven track record
People are moved to write in
To say their "thank you" for prayers answered
And for the reappearance of their grin.

So when you have a special prayer request
For whatever good intent it may be
The World-Wide Angel Wonder-Powers Team will pray for it
And your prayers will be answered - you'll see.


Dr. Liz

Elizabeth Severino, D.D., D.R.S.

Spiritual Mentor      Intuitive Counselor
     Energy Therapist
     Animal Communicator

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